Life of the party
Life of the Party, is a dubstep track made by Krewella that features the rapper S-Preme.


Gimme that 'cardi and a motherfuckin' cup
I move my body baby like I'm down to fuck
Life of the party, here we go put 'em up
We about to get it poppin' let it rock, let it rock rock
Gimme me a kickdrum and a motherfuckin' drop
I been tearin' up your hood, criminal, call the cops
G-g-got that TX robot womp, DJ turn that bass up
Let's get it started, let it rock, let it roooock

Life of the party x4

Rockin' out, every single fuckin' day
Twenty-four reasons I be on that rave-ay
Dim the lights, let it roll, til we hazy
Gentlemen, get it in, make it rain
Do it big, pourin' Henny cuz we thirsty
Chicago, yeah we lightin' up the city
Fill my cup, bottoms up til we blurry
Gettin cake, every night it's like my birthday

Life of the party x4

Every night all the girls lined up
cuz they know I light the motherfuckin skyline up
Ass in the air, fired up
cuz ain't nobody ever torn it down like us
I hit the club, then we hit the flo', let the liquor flow
Til we hit the floor again
Let em know the motherfucker 'go goes in
Even if we blacked out, keep pourin'
Ill, give the party a heartbeat
CPR, fill up the bacardi
Hold that now, slow that down
Turn the top of the bottle upside down
Go hard, never stop
Make it rain, let it rock
Let it rock

Music Track

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