Skrillex FT. Ellie Goulding - Summit (Krewella's Breathe Vocal Edit) is a remix track released on Youtube.


Baby when you leave
I hold nothing back
Weapons up my sleeve
Like I’m under attack
So cover up your ears
Cos it only fuels the fire
I’ll be what you fear
I’m the answer of your desire

I touch the sky-y-y [x4]
(Your heart is)

If you could hear me now, why don't you recall?
I was the one who cared after all

I touch the sky
Let the light in my face
Pierce through my skin
Gone with the wind
I touch the sky
Let it fade into grey
Burst through the seams
I’m on the wing

I touch the sky [x4]

I touch the sky-y-y [x4]

Music Track

Music Video

Song Video Information
Skrillex - Breathe (Krewella Vocal Edit) (Music Video)03:21

Skrillex - Breathe (Krewella Vocal Edit) (Music Video)


Released January 25, 2012
Length 3:53
Production Co Krewella Music LLC
Views 32,200+

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